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  • FDRPASVM...Non-Disruptive
  • Migration of z/VM and
  • Linux on System z
  • Volumes is NOW Available


For over 10 years FDR®/UPSTREAM® has been protecting corporate data for a variety of organizations while providing reliable and verifiable, affordable protection for applications and databases for a variety of systems and platforms. The UPSTREAM Reservoir extends the power of UPSTREAM as an enterprise class backup solution so organizations can now utilize UPSTREAM either in mixed z/OS mainframe/open systems environments or entirely non-mainframe environments.

Multi-Platform support includes agents for Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003, Novell, OS/2, AIX, SUN and Intel Solaris, HP UX, Tru64, x 86 Linux, Linux on Power, and Linux on System z.

Unique UPSTREAM format provides support for any UPSTREAM Reservoir server to read and write to tapes for UNIX, Windows, Novell, and Linux, or to even mix platforms.

UPSTREAM is an intelligent, comprehensive solution for enterprise-wide backup recovery solution for PC/LAN/UNIX/SAN Servers. The UPSTREAM solution provides enhanced functionality, automation and reliability for open systems storage, while offering low resource and system utilization. UPSTREAM's flexible operations makes it a perfect fit for all types of organizations, and provides a centralized solution for managing LAN/UNIX/SAN/NAS distributed data.

UPSTREAM RESERVOIR provides automated, centralized storage management and control for fast, reliable complete backup and recovery and archival for all systems, databases and enterprise servers. INNOVATION offers a choice of platforms used as the host storage backup server to include Windows, AIX, SUN and Intel Solaris, x 86 LINUX, Linux on Power and Linux on System z.

UPSTREAM RESERVOIR supports a wide variety of disk, tape and robotic devices. Backup devices can be a single tape drive, tape library, silo, or disk arrays. In addition, UPSTREAM RESERVOIR provides the ability to backup to disk or tape, and provides the option for data to be backed up to disk (D2D), staged from disk (D2D2T) and automatically moved to tape. UPSTREAM RESERVOIR provides very efficient operations with Profile Sets, and the ability for staging for optimum performance and backup flexibility.

SAN Express High-speed backup with the SAN EXPRESS, a powerful LAN FREE data transfer addition to the UPSTREAM Reservoir Storage Management product. See more information on SAN EXPRESS.

Data Reduction Techniques

UPSTREAM provides advanced data reduction methods to minimize the amount of data to be transferred and significantly increases backup performance.

Intelligent Forward Merge backup-UPSTREAM provides a full merge backup capability for applications, which only requires a first-time full backup to the attached storage. All future backups are then incremental and full merge backups. The UPSTREAM Full Merge Backup facility drastically reduces the elapsed time of full backups by utilizing already existing file backups, and only opening and transmitting files that have changed.


  • Logical File and Incremental Backup
  • Multi-Level Compression Options
  • Local Backup
  • Global Exclude and Include
  • Online Database Agents
  • Centralized Operations
  • Checkpoint Restart for Backup
  • Physical Raw Disk Support and Restores
  • Flexible Scheduling Operations
  • Pre- and Post-Processing Operations
  • Stand Alone Restore Capability
  • Archive Capability
  • Extensive Reporting and Logging
  • Open File Agent Support

  • Online Database Agent and Log File Support:

    UPSTREAM provides extensive Non-Disruptive agents for databases and messaging systems with parallel data stream processing to get the backups completed as quickly as possible.
    Support includes:

  • Oracle with Support for RMAN and EBU
  • MS Exchange Database and Object Level Support
  • Exchange 2000 Support
  • MS SQL Server
  • Lotus Notes Domino
  • Universal Database Server
  • Novell GroupWise
  • SAP R3
  • Support for SQL BackTrack for Sybase, Informix, or Oracle
  • Raw File Systems Support

  • GUI Interface

    Whether you are backing up or restoring a single file or full server, interfaces are easy-to-use and operations are fast and efficient.

  • "Director" JAVA based and Browser
  • Character Mode Interface
  • Command Line
  • End User Restore Interface
  • Status Monitoring with Real-Time Statistics

  • Flexible

    UPSTREAM's Reservoir provides the highest degree in flexibility by allowing logically interchangeable tapes generated with the FDR/UPSTREAM product for media that is compatible. 3590 tapes on the UPSTREAM Reservoir system can be imported and read on the FDR/UPSTREAM mainframe system and vise versa.

    Disaster Recovery

    UPSTREAM provides extensive facilities to manage your recovery either for a file or a file server. The UPSTREAM Rescuer provides system state disaster recovery of select UNIX systems including Linux and Solaris. UPSTREAM supports Windows Automated System Recovery (ASR) while providing comprehensive vaulting operations to make secondary offsite copies of tapes.


  • Batch Initiated Processing with Condition Code Processing and Exception Reporting
  • Extensive Reporting and Logging
  • Centralized Control with Audit Trail
  • Efficient Storage Utilization on Tape and Disk
  • Powerful Vaulting and Disk Migration
  • Cluster Support
  • Disk Migration Utility for Tape Stacking
  • Event Notification for Automated Operations and Alerts Via E-mail, or SNMP
  • Simple File Specification Backs up the Entire System...\\. for Windows and /* for UNIX
  • Multi-Platform Support Includes Agents for Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003, Novell, OS/2, AIX, SUN and Intel Solaris, HP-UX, Tru64, x 86 Linux, Linux on Power, and Linux on System z.

    Data Encryption

    Protect Data When it Leaves Your Control & Meet Privacy and Privileged Information Protection Regulations. CRYPT is an option to FDR/UPSTREAM & UPSTREAM RESERVOIR. CRYPT is designed to protect the data on your BACKUPS against unauthorized access by anyone who does not possess the proper encryption.

    Protect Backups Intended for Transport and Off-Site Storage

  • Secure, Fast, Efficient and Economical
    • Advancing levels of Encryption, including AES, Allow Security with Balance
  • Key Management Selections
    • Randomly Generate or User Specified Unique Key Per Individual Backup
  • For more information about CRYPT use with FDR/UPSTREAM & UPSTREAM RESERVOIR click here.

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